Lira Luis founded the Leapfrog Project as a grassroots movement in 2014 as a climate action response for survivors of category 5 typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda). Over several years, its groundswell received support from these individuals and we are grateful:

COLLABORATOR 2019: The Chicago Chapter of the U.S. National Committee for UN Women is committed to raising awareness and funds through Chicago-based events and partnerships with local businesses. The Chapter actively supports UN Women’s mission reduce feminized poverty, end violence against women, halt the spread of HIV/AIDS among women and girls, achieve gender equality in democratic governance.

COLLABORATOR 2018: The UN Development Programme’s 2030 Youth Force in the Philippines, through ANASTOMOSIS 2018, works with the Innovation Management and Business Association (IMBA), an organization led by students of the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH). IMBA is the first health-oriented pre-professional business organization, providing students of the MD-MBA dual degree program an avenue where they can acquire and practice skills in both medicine and management.

COLLABORATOR: (OREM Foundation Executive Director, an IRS Enrolled Agent) OREM Foundation is fiscal agent for Leapfrog Project. Enrique Otarola worked for multiple nonprofit organizations and helped improve their accounting systems and procedures in his long career. He worked for multiple causes in those organizations that involved major fundraising initiatives on: Finding a cure for breast cancer, Finding permanent housing for the homeless, Preventing damage and protecting the environment, Empowering socially fragile young individuals through art, Finding shelter for animals to helping them get adopted into loving homes, the outreach and understanding of young people with mental illness, and Encouraging entrepreneurship, to name a few.

COLLABORATOR: (The CARITAS Project, Founder and President) Dr. Wayne Ruga is actively engaged in working with global leaders to build a better world with a new approach to design that Ruga has pioneered, called “generative space”. By learning and practicing this approach, it becomes possible to make places for individuals, organizations, and communities to flourish. In 1998, Wayne was awarded the highly competitive Loeb Fellowship in Advanced Environmental Studies within the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University.

COLLABORATOR: (United Architects of the Philippines [UAP]) Sylvester Seño is the UAP National Chair for Balangkasan Committee, an academician and practitioner, a dynamic workshop and seminar speaker, and a prolific researcher, whose interests include sustainable adaptive building design and planning, disaster risk management and construction management, with some published in reputable international journals. He was a recipient of the Best Faculty Research Awards (2010 and 2011) from the Technological Institute of the Philippines-Manila (TIPM), and a Finalist in the international design completion Design Against the Elements”(D.A.T.E) last 2011 for the design of sustainable and disaster-resilient socializing housing community. He has been invited to present research papers and monographs in the UAP and PIA national conventions, the United Nations-supported (UN-Habitat, UNDP, UNISDR) international conferences in Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand and also in Malaysia and Indonesia. He is a member of four other professional organizations – International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), Eastern Regional Organisation for Planning and Housing (EAROPH), Philippine Green Building Initiative (PGBI) and Philippine Institute of Environmental Planners (PIEP).

COLLABORATOR: (The Zoological Lighting Institute, Founder) Dr. Fischer is dedicated to enhancing the participation of architects in their own governance and that of architecture, serving as Overseas Council Member of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), Trustee the RIBA-USA, Lifetime Member of the Society of Architectural Historians, Copper Sustaining Member of the IES (Illuminating Engineering Society), former International Committee Chair of the AIA New York Chapter and twice presenter for ARCASIA. Dr. Fischer develops partnerships within and amongst institutions, associations and NGOs in order to address critical environmental and political challenges. Dr. Fischer founded The Zoological Lighting Institute to serve as a bridge between animal welfare advocacy and wildlife conservation efforts. The Zoological Lighting Institute and Zoological Lighting Services promote vigorous and healthy strategies for living on the planet.

SUPPORTER: (Social Project.PH, Co-founder) Prior to starting Social Project.PH, Justin completed his MBA from Melbourne Business School as well as was an exchange student at the Asian Institute of Management. Justin won the Melbourne University Entrepreneurs’ Challenge (MUEC) 2012 for Social Project.PH. His work experience include several consulting projects from for- profits to non-profits. He worked seven years in corporate America for Aldi Inc. as a district manager and later as a director of purchasing in their corporate offices in Chicago, IL. He received his undergraduate business degree at the University of Maryland.

SUPPORTER: (Graphic Designer) Eiko Hamada is a trained graphic and web designer who provides variety of creative solutions such as web design, graphic design, promotional work, etc. Her design sensibilities are influenced by the two rich cultures that she calls home. She operates on the philosophy of “Be always curious and Try new things.”

And Troy Larsen, Robert Ziemlak, William Vivians, Jose Bonilla, Caly Videna, and many others.

Leapfrog Project is a collaborative activity that accommodates the most forward-thinking minds in the field of sustainable built environment and practitioners within the broad range of socio-economic development sectors. Levels of Contribution towards the realization of the Leapfrog Project: (in descending order)

  1. Collaborator – 3 year term
  2. Contributor – 3 year term
  3. Supporter – no term limit
  4. Volunteer – no term limit